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Investing in your child's future

Bright Beginnings Family Day Care (Tasmania)

Providing Child Care for Dodges Ferry, Carlton, Lewisham, Primrose Sands and Southern Beaches Areas

Family Day Care in the Dodges Ferry, Carlton, Park Beach, Lewisham, Southern Beaches area.

Hi, my name is Melanie.

After working in child care centres for 17 years I opened Bright Beginnings Family Day Care (Tasmania) as I believe that children need an environment that provides an educational and nurturing experience in which children are inspired to learn and grow to their full potential. Bright Beginnings Family Day Care (Tasmania) offers an extensive program where it's all about the children.

I have completed my Diploma in Children's Services, I am a qualified counsellor, have a current first aid certificate, safe food handling certificate and trained in child protection, child literacy, psychology, child development and nutrition.

I am registered through Adventure Patch (ph: 62294914)